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Teknetics Mark I ~~~~~ NEW

Only $ 575.00 plus shipping
1 year Warranty

Hipmount Style with Belts and extra long cable
Also available are a few hand held units -- call for availability.


Ultra Slow Sweep
Double Digit Depth     
Quick Set Controls
Audio T.I.
with Target Select

Visual T. I.     
Depth Reading
New Slim Line Look     
Automatic Battery
Alert System

7 1/4" Loop with
long cable for hipmounting

G.B. All Metal Mode
Automatic Retuning
Target Select Programming
      G.B. Disc. Mode Operation      


Controls knobs on the detector include:

Tuner - Adjusts "Threshold Setting"       Tone - Adjusts Audio Frequency
Sensitivity - Selects degree of sensitivity
      Ground Balance - Adjusts the detector to "Balance"
or neutralize ground mineralization
Volume - Adjusts loudness of speaker
or headphone sound
      Power - Turns the detector on and off and selects
battery check or Target Select
Target Select - Selects specific targets
to be accepted or rejected
      Disc. Adjust - Selects the level of discrimination
desired by operator

Field Applications:

Coin Hunting
The Mark 1 may be used to locate coins in parks, playgrounds, beaches or any area where crowds have gathered.
Relic Hunting
Areas involved in past wars such as the Civil War and Indian Campaigns. Articles of history would include old mining towns where settlers once homesteaded.
Searching washes and gullies or old mine tailing from mines has often revealed nuggets of gold.
The Mark 1 Loop is waterproof so you may detect in shallow waters. As an extra precaution, you should also cover your detector with a waterproof cover to keep it from getting wet. Beach areas are ideal for coins and jewelry.
Ring Hunting
With the unique and exclusive combination of Target Identification ( a different tone pitch for every target) and Target Select ( a form of notching ) features, ring hunting can be more fun and productive than ever before.
Competition Hunts
Becoming a professional at competition hunts will now be rewarding. The Mark 1 will hunt those coins for you. Just program it to select the coins or tokens with the Target Select Feature.

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